Thomas R. Hull, MD

1624 Seltice Way
Post Falls, Idaho 83854

My name is Thomas Hull.  I am a physician practicing in Washington state and Idaho.  Treatment of neurogenic pain has been a part of my practice for the past 35 years.  I have been using the V-Care VST units in the treatment of approximately 250 neuropathy patients for the past year.  It is without a doubt the best treatment modality I have ever seen for neuropathic pain associated with diabetes and other medical problems leading to peripheral neuropathy.  We have maintained detailed records of patient response to treatment in all of these cases, and have found that approximately 70% of patients experienced significant clinical improvement in their symptoms, especially in regards to burning pain, shooting pain, tingling, numbness, and balance.  In many cases, VST was used together with regional nerve block, which led to enhanced improvement.  However, in many of these patients, VST alone was also found to have a significant impact on their neuropathy symptoms.  Most reported improved walking ability, better balance, improved sleep, and other improvements in quality of life.

We have also had an opportunity to try VST on several patients with other regional neurogenic pain syndromes, and have found it to be of significant clinical benefit in several of these patients. Almost all reported improved pain control, improved sleep, increased regional circulation, a reduction in stiffness in joints and muscles, and improvement in peripheral circulation. All of these patients had tried many other treatment modalities, without success.

Every physician who deals with neurogenic pain patients will tell you that treatment is very problematic for most of them. Medications are sometimes of value, but come with a long list of side effects. Other treatment modalities such as physical therapy, are of little value in most cases, in my experience. VST has proved itself clinically to be the most effective treatment option for most neurogenic pain patients.


Dr. Jaret Walker, DPM

Advanced Foot and Ankle Surgery
3205 Medpark Dr.
Denton, TX 76208

My name is Dr. Jaret Walker. Since 2005 I have used the VST on my patients with Neuropathic Pain, also known as Peripheral Neuropathy or Nerve Pain. I have treated well over 300 patients over the last 9 years. I can tell you the success achieved for my patients by using the VST is amazing. When a patient has nerve damage many different symptoms are possible: burning, tingling, pins and needles, numbness, tight band, electric shock, dull ache, etc. These symptoms usually start in the toes and slowly advance over time, sometimes as high as the knee. Some patients get the same symptoms in their fingers and hands. There are hundreds of reasons why people can develop Neuropathic Pain. Some of the more common are  Diabetes, neck and lower back conditions, and chemotherapy.

Without question I recommend the VST to my patients that have Neuropathic Pain. After treating over 300 patients with thousands of patient treatment hours performed, I have so many wonderful stories regarding their life-changing results. Here are a few: significant or complete nerve pain resolution, cessation or decrease in daily oral medications for the nerve pain, sleep improvement, balance improvement so much that they stop having to use a cane, able to wear shoes for the first time in years, able to drive a standard vehicle again because they can feel the pedals, able to dance again, fewer falls, and so many more.

Not every patient of mine has benefitted greatly from the VST, but there is no question that the overwhelming majority of patients have done so. I have recommended the VST to my  patients for 9 years and continue to do so today. I believe the VST is a much better option for my patients than taking oral medications for the rest of their life. I hope if you choose the  VST for your Neuropathic Pain the results are life-changing.