Treatment Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

You became a physician for one main reason: to help people. You wanted to relieve suffering, heal wounds, and save lives but often the technology can’t keep up with those desires. Sometimes you have to tell your patients that medicine hasn’t developed a good option for the treatment for peripheral neuropathy or worse yet, having to look a patient with diabetic peripheral neuropathy a tell him to prepare to lose his leg.

V-care Health Systems, Inc. would like to introduce you to, what physician’s and other healthcare providers are calling “a new weapon in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy,” a device that will help you manage your patient’s pain, heal faster after injury or surgery, and restore circulation to limbs ravaged by diabetes or paralysis. Technology is catching up with your desire to heal in the form of the VST MyoDynamic device.

The VST device produces a pure, bi-phasic, alternating current, sinusoidal waveform that mimics the body’s natural waveform, resulting in more stimulus than traditional e-stim devices in a form that is more comfortable for the patient. Increased comfort translates to longer and more frequent treatments which can lead to better results, especially for diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients. Not only does this waveform match the body’s natural currents for more comfortable application but it allows the current to travel throughout the body without impediment, a claim traditional devices used for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy are not able to make.

The VST increases perfusion so that the treated area is infused with nutrient-rich blood. The perfusion rate is reached after about 30 minutes of VST therapy and remains for about 30 minutes after the therapy is completed.  The increased circulation for an extended period of time accelerates healing and keeps muscles healthy, helping to prevent atrophy.

Visit today for more information on this exciting development for your diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients today. The treatment of peripheral neuropathy will never be the same and neither will your practice. Don’t let your patients continue to suffer through painful e-stim treatments, offer them the chance for faster healing and recovery with the VST MyoDynamic device.

Expand your practice with proven VST MyoDynamic treatment modalities for peripheral neuropathy, sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, and many other patient complaints.