wetpadIt is important to keep the electrodes hydrated to ensure proper contact with the skin. Please follow the steps below to ensure your pads stay properly hydrated to allow the VST device to be effective.

It is also important that your skin be thoroughly washed and cleaned of any oils or lotions prior to placing the pads. This will help to keep the pads tacky and sticking to the skin to help ensure the effectiveness of the VST machine.

Step 1:
Take two fingers and run them under cold water and then immediately run those fingers down the length of the electrode. Then

Step 2:
Wait about 45 seconds so that the water will absorb into the pad and the pad will become tacky. You can also run the pad itself under the faucet and “wave” the pad in the air to remove any excess water, still waiting about 45 seconds for the water to then absorb into the pad.