You can download our three (3) Questionnaires, but you will also receive the first Questionnaire with your Information Packet as we like this to be filled out by you when we first talk so we can understand important historical information about you and your disease. When we ship your VST for treatment we will include the remaining two Questionnaires.

WHY these questions are important

The first one is important, as we said, to understand how the disease has affected you to date and how many years you have suffered with it. You will notice that we might do something a little different than any Medical Provider you may have seen prior to working with us. We ask two question surrounding the “Degree of Pain” you experience throughout a given day. We realize that this disease can deliver varying degrees of symptoms on any given day, but we find these two types of questions very valuable:

  1. What is the worse pain you experience during your day on a Pain Scalefrom 1 to 10; with 1 being very little pain and 10 being a “whole bunch”.
  2. Then we ask you to estimate how many hours out of your 24 hour day you believe you experience the “worse pain”. Example: You may say “my worst pain is a 10. Periodically throughout my day I may have that level of pain for 4 hours total.”  Remember we are just trying to estimate so don’t think you have to be exact. On the other side of the scale you may say “my least level of pain throughout my day is a 3 and I have that about 5 hours out of my day”. This example is exactly what we are looking for.

You will repeat this same questioning for Questionnaire number 2 which will be due at the mid-point in your scheduled treatment process. Questionnaire number 3 will be due at the end of your treatment cycle when you return the machine. You can mail, fax, or scan and e-mail those Questionnaires to us as they become due. Of course if you ever have questions about the Questions just pick up the phone and call or e-mail us as we are always here for you.