This is, and has been for years, a very complex disease. Not many years ago, doctors thought that folks who had this disease were delusional, and that most of the issues were figments of their imagination. The common attitude among Chronic Pain doctors was, “While our pain is certainly not all in our heads, attitudes and expectations do make a difference”. What an approach. New data is coming out all the time, and some drugs that were commonly prescribed for this condition are showing no proof of efficacy in clinical review trials.

Today we know that Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) is damage or disease affecting the nerves, which may impair sensation, movement, function, or other aspects of health; depending on the type of nerve affected.

There are hundreds of causes of PN, but the most common is diabetes. PN may cause any of the following:

  • painful cramps
  • muscle twitching
  • muscle loss
  • bone degeneration
  • impaired balance and coordination
  • problems sleeping
  • “pins and needles” sensation in the hands and feet
  • shooting leg pains (seems to happen a lot at night)

PN can even lead to amputations due to sores that appear and cannot be healed. This list goes on, but the main issue is this: if you have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with PN there is a treatment today that has been proven effective. It does not involve drugs (which are not curative and can have terrible side effects) that only treat your symptoms. If you have PN then decide today to do something to reverse the course of this terrible disease. Untreated PN only gets worse, not better, and will eventually rob you of enjoyment in your latter years of life. (See our doctor’s comments from their experiences in treating their patients with the VST…it can change your life)