The Waveform At Work

Our bodies are unique. If you could see the electricity traveling through your body it would look like a wave moving across the ocean. Not a “storm-type wave” but a coherent wave; smooth and calm….a “rolling” wave. If you have ever been on an ocean and witnessed what a typical wave looks like, you’ll notice all waves have a peak (which is referred to as the top of the wave) and a trough (which is referred to as the bottom of the wave). If a wave goes from a peak to a trough and back again (like a calm ocean) it is what is known as a “biphasic wave”. In our bodies, the electrical waves also have “peaks and troughs”. The peak produces a positive charge and the trough produces a negative charge. The smoother the journey from positive to negative and back again, the better it is for therapeutic (healing) purposes. It is very difficult to create a sustained, smooth biphasic waveform, but it is important to do so. Properly generated AND controlled biphasic waveforms (a process known as modulation) do not build up an electrical charge……this is Very Important! Such build-ups can damage tissue; a common risk with using a TENS unit which generates a monophasic waveform. The VST generates a high-quality biphasic waveform that is correctly modulated for maximum therapeutic results in a person’s body….such as yours.

Neuropathy and The Waveform Relationship

Our bodies rely on electrical communication to function. This communication happens thousands of times per second, 24 hours a day, through a series of complex biologically generated biphasic electrical waves. As these waves travel back and forth, coursing through our nerve pathways, they change phase thousands of times per second. It’s actually rather amazing!

Sometimes a particular body part stops functioning normally and impedes the critical electrical communication just described. Other times the disruption of electrical communication in one area of the body causes another area to stop functioning properly. Either way, it can become a serious problem…and as discovered in the world of Neuropathic pain and Neuropathy treatment, if left untreated or not treated with something that actually has the potential to “reverse” the progression of the disease….it is a real problem. Just in the United States it is a real problem to over 25 million people.

The VST works by correcting problems with biological electrical communication so that the body can reach the affected area and use its own reparative process to restore it to health. Recall that the core property of the body’s own electrical communication is a biphasic wave. For anything to offer real help to the body’s own communication network, the modulated waveform must be compatible with what the body already generates, and this is exactly what the VST does.

We get Neuropathy/Peripheral Neuropathy because something in our body that was working naturally on its own has gone “sideways” and is NOT operating correctly now. If it was operating correctly, you and I wouldn’t have Neuropathy. The problem, for whatever reason, disrupts the electrical communication in the affected area. This makes the body blind to the area, unable to communicate with it, and therefore unable to respond to its needs because it simply cannot receive the distress signals that would trigger a healing response. The signals are being sent, but they are being disrupted and lost. Such disruptions can come from many, many different things. A common disruptor is Diabetes. When this type of disruption occurs our body does not get the correct communication to and from the brain. Thus when our bodies are screaming for blood to feed our nerves way down in our feet, the message doesn’t get to the brain and so our body doesn’t send the necessary blood.

Our blood carries all the good stuff to feed and nourish our body parts. Cut off the blood supply or diminish it severely and bad things happen. When it comes to Neuropathy the bad things include neuropathic pain caused by dying nerves in our feet. Such pain can be caused by other problems resulting from the diminished blood flow as well, which was caused by the disrupted electrical communication previously mentioned. Neuropathic pain, therefore, warns us that serious deterioration is occurring. If not properly addressed, Neuropathy will start a downward spiral that gets worse and worse each day.

Leading The Charge

The medical community’s response to neuropathy has been less than encouraging. Their typical treatment is to try and convince you to “live” with the pain, while offering no hope of slowing, halting, or even reversing the disease process itself. This is where the VST is advancing medicine. For most patients, the biphasic wave of electricity that the VST produces is something the body really likes. In short the VST is now substituting for a part of your body function that has quit working properly . It restores communication between the stressed body area and brain. The stressed area can reach the brain with the message, “I need blood down here…I am dying (that is your nerves talking)”. And the brain can respond with, “Ok help is on the way”, triggering the healing responses (like appropriate blood flow) required of the area in stress.

The VST has been shown to increase your normal blood flow to an injured area by a factor of 10 during a treatment process. Had we stated that at the beginning of this overview, its significance might not have been apparent. Now, perhaps, it is clear how blood flow and the VST are related in the treatment of neuropathy.

The VST is not a magic pill, nor is it some drug with terrible side effects. It is a device that marshals your body’s own restorative processes to address neuropathy head on. Now that you know how it does this, consider that the VST has been shown to have no side effects, and is clinically proven as effective in reversing the course of this terrible disease known as Neuropathic Pain/Neuropathy/Peripheral Neuropathy.

We hope you are encouraged by this explanation and understand the vast improvement the VST represents to the science of electrical waveform stimulation approaches. It is far different, safer, and more effective than a TENS unit, and for most people far and away the best treatment they will ever experience for neuropathy.


One of the “big” things to remember as your consider taking advantage of using the VST to treat your Peripheral Neuropathy…You Didn’t Get Your Disease Overnight and You Won’t Reverse the Course of Your Disease Overnight. You have probably heard the old statement: “Patience is a Virtue” and in the treatment of PN that statement rings loud and clear. The great thing is that over the years, and thousands of Patient Treatment Applications, 70 % to 80% of the patients witness a change in direction with their disease in a relatively “short” period of time of 60 to 90 days. In fact, most patients do not need to treat more than 60 days.

Now for a typical case. Let’s just look at what Dr. Thomas R. Hull had to say after originally being an “admitted Skeptic”: “Treatment of neurogenic pain has been a part of my practice for the past 35 years. I have been using the V-Care VST units in the treatment of approximately 250 neuropahty patients for the past year (2013-2014). It is without a doubt the best treatment modality I have ever seen for Neuropathic Pain associated with diabetes and other medical problems leading to peripheral neuropathy. We have maintained detailed records of patient response to treatment in all of these cases, and have found that approximately 70% of patients experienced significant clinical improvement in their sypmtoms, especially in regards to burning pain, shooting pain, tingling, numbness and balance.” Most reported improved walking ability, better balance, improved sleep and other improvements in quality of life”

In light of that if you are a person who experiences “pain” you most likely will see pain reduction in a few sessions and can see total pain gone within three to four weeks, with many patients seeing their primary care doctor or their neurologist to get off their pain meds. Items like tingling, cold feeling and pins and needles effect also seem to be the first to improve and/or disappear altogether. The most difficult is the numbness and it took a long time with the disease to produce the level of numbness a patient may experience and it takes time to reverse the damage to the nerves, etc. though it does a great job. Our CEO, Sandy Wheeler is a PN patient himself due to his diabetes he got from exposure to Agent Orange from his service in Vietnam in 1968, 1969 and 1970. His only remaining numbness now is in his toes and he now scores in the top 1% for his age group in balance. Is there hope…you bet. Be Patient, Be Diligent in Treating as Prescribed and Be Expecting Good Results from Your Dedication to Treat. When you think of it, what is treating for 60 to 90 to even 180 days to gain back your life….not much is it. Just keep this in mind…V-Care and its team are here for you everyday.