Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Practicing medicine should not be all about the bottom line but it is definitely something that needs to considered, regardless of the size of your practice. If you are not able to adequately address large groups of potential patients with concerns such as chronic pain management, sports injuries, post-op recovery, and neuropathy then you are likely limiting the expansion of your practice. Patients who recover quickly from surgery, find relief from chronic pain, or get back on the playing field quickly are very likely to refer friends and family members to the physician who got them back on track.  Successful treatment of neuropathy will also generate referrals and revenue from a variety of sources, allowing you to offer better treatments in other areas as well.

Peripheral neuropathy treatment has traditionally revolved around prescription medication of some type and/or possibly a modality resulting with dismal results at best .  VCARE Health Systems, Inc. has and continues to change this by improving on the stimulation technology with the VST MyoDynamic device. The VST uses a pure, natural waveform stimulation to increase circulation, accelerate healing, and assist in the treatment of neuropathy caused by diabetes, paralysis, or nerve damage. Because the stimulation mimics the body’s natural waveforms, treatments can be applied more often and for longer periods of time, resulting in long-lasting results and more comfortable treatments.

Patients base their referrals on more than just results; they base their opinions on bedside manner, assistance with insurance forms and customer service, comfort levels during treatment, and the expert knowledge of the physician. VCARE provides support, service and guidelines with every aspect of Peripheral neuropathy treatment and other VST applications, from the actual medical results to billing and insurance forms to teaching you about the technology behind the VST device.  Visit to start learning about the treatment of neuropathy and how it can help you help your patients and your practice.

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