New Diabetic Neuropathy Treatments. Neuropathy Treatment Options

Peripheral and diabetic neuropathy treatments have for too long relied on electrotherapy devices that deliver a current that both relieves pain and causes discomfort to the patient. These devices temporarily reduce pain in a specific area of the body by changing the messages sent to the brain but are not able to affect permanent changes or long-term pain reduction. The current delivered through traditional electrotherapy devices does not have a wavelength that matches the body’s natural wavelength so it is interpreted by the body as an exterior force. This incompatible wavelength is the reason that many patients feel discomfort or even pain during an e-stim treatment, resulting with treatments performed at lower levels and for less time which further decreases their success.  Don’t let your patients suffer through another round of unsuccessful diabetic neuropathy treatments.

A new treatment for neuropathy, designed by a NASA engineer for V-Care Health Systems, Inc., is now available for every physician, physical therapy, and chiropractic office in the U.S. The VST MyoDynamic device delivers a pure, zero-net charge, bi-phasic, alternating current, sinusoidal waveform that simulates the body’s natural waveform. This amazing technology allows the body to accept the stimulus as a natural force and will even transfer the current to other parts of the body. The treatment itself is more comfortable for the patient and more effective, due in part to the physician’s ability to use higher energy levels for longer periods of time.  The VST is a relatively new treatment for neuropathy but studies have shown that the treatment creates a more thorough muscle contraction and increases levels of circulation which relieves pain and helps soft tissue heal.

The VST treatment is applicable in almost every market, including sports medicine, chiropractic, pain management, post-surgery recovery and for diabetic neuropathy treatments. Don’t let your practice or your patients miss out on the this exciting new treatment for neuropathy, visit for more information on the device, testimonials from physicians and caregives who have used the VST, and contact and support information for purchasing the VST MyoDynamic device for your patients.

Expand your practice with proven VST MyoDynamic treatment modalities for diabetic neuropathy, sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, and many other patient complaints.