“I can tell you the success achieved for my patients by using the VST is amazing…Without question I recommend the VST to my patients that have Neuropathic Pain.”

Dr. Jaret Walker, DPM

“…we have uncovered probably the most significant treatment outcome to date, not only in Podiatry and Neurology but also in medicine itself, and that is the ability to treat and cure the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.”

David Markovich, PT, Cert MDT, Electromyographer

“It is without a doubt the best treatment modality I have ever seen for Neuropathic Pain associated with diabetes and other medical problems leading to Peripheral Neuropathy.”

Thomas Hull, MD

“Now that I have treated hundreds of PN patients I can say with confidence the VST is effective for these patients and best of all it’s non-invasive….  I have to say it’s quite amazing how the treatment impacts my patients.”

Dr. Dharmesh "Dan" Bhakta, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.