By way of introduction, I am a former CPA and the person who founded “Bowflex” (NYSE:NLS) and went on to acquire Nautilus, Stairmaster and Schwinn Fitness. I am also the person who developed the VST MyoDynamic® Device, along with an electrical engineer recognized for his work with NASA, and an MD general surgeon with extensive experience treating professional athletes.

The VST device delivers maximum healing with little or no discomfort to the patient. Clinical results consistently show that when the VST is used by skilled practitioners, patients really benefit… sometimes dramatically. Thousands of patients have experienced these benefits first hand since the VST received 510K FDA clearance in 1996. We now have many physicians whose practices have benefited from utilizing our company…but the best thing is, that everyone agrees, the PATIENT BENEFITS FIRST.

To date tens-of-thousands of treatments have been performed in disciplines including Podiatry, Neurology, Physiatry, Orthopedics, and Occupational Medicine, healing thousands of patients. Even more significant is the fact that the VST proved to be effective even when other treatments were not.

Most Sincerely,

Roland “Sandy” Wheeler

CEO / Chairman