Peripheral Neuropathy Relief

Millions Of People Like You Are Suffering In Silence
Have you ever had a doctor tell you, "You'll just have to learn to live with the pain of your Peripheral Neuropathy"? Have you tried every advertised remedy, only to discover they're either useless or have side effects worse than the Neuropathy itself? You're not alone! There are millions of patients looking for relief. Many have given up in despair, but we are here to re-assure you there is new hope for relieving your pain. You don't have to live with the misery of Peripheral Neuropathy any longer.

VST Myo-Dynamic Electrical Signal Therapy
There is now a very effective, drug & pain-free treatment available. It's a type of Electrical Signal Therapy (E.S.T.) made possible with the introduction of the V-CARE VST Myo-Dynamic Device. Unlike a TENS unit, it doesn't just temporarily block the pain. It increases blood flow and heals the nerves in 70-80% of the patients that try it. Unfortunately, many Doctors don't know this option is available so they end up using what they are familiar with: prescription drugs.

How Can I Be Certain This Treatment Really Works?
You have probably already tried many other options for your Peripheral Neuropathy. Every time you were sold a new product or treatment, you were no doubt assured it was going to be "the one" to heal your nerves and stop the pain too! How can you be certain VCARE is any different or better?: By looking at testimonials from people who have actually used it. We back up VCARE with testimonials from several well respected Medical Doctors and Physical Therapists. Each one of them has treated hundreds of satisfied patients, reducing or eliminating their pain in most cases.